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Posted on Feb 2, 2017 in News, Psychiatry, Staff Profiles, Therapists, Therapy

Agor Behavioral Health Services Welcomes Darrell Troupe, MD

Welcome, Dr. Darrell Troupe, MD

Welcome, Dr. Darrell Troupe, MD

Welcome, Darrell Troupe, MD!

Dr. Darrell Troupe believes the best doctors allow themselves to learn something from their patients, colleagues and family members. A psychiatrist, Dr. Troupe has over thirty years of experience and works with patients ages 3 and up. He is accepting appointments at the Naperville location beginning February 9, 2017.

Whether directly or indirectly living with a mental illness or condition, Dr. Troupe believes education and proper treatment may extend one’s potential beyond one’s perceived limitations. To achieve a mutual goal, the patient, their family, clinician and psychiatrist work together to combine compassion, education and medication to address the chemical, biological, emotional, psychological, and social imbalances of mental illness.

As part of the staff at Agor Behavioral Health Services, Inc., Dr. Troupe’s professional goal is to offer every patient safe, effective medical treatment in coordination with the care of a compassionate therapist.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Troupe please call 630-621-5824 or visit Dr. Troupe is taking appointments at the Naperville office, located in the Tamarack Medical Center, at 24024 Brancaster Drive.

About Agor Behavioral Health Services, Inc.

Since 2005, Agor Behavioral Health Services, Inc. has specialized in mental health services for people of all ages. From therapy to specialized testing services, the practice takes an open and unique approach to treatment that works for each patient. The goal is to create a new beginning for each client and bring an opportunity for change with the guidance of understanding and caring therapists. Agor Behavioral Health Services has two locations: 24024 Brancaster Drive, in Naperville, Illinois and 24402 W Lockport Street, Suite 224, in Plainfield, Illinois. Schedule an appointment by calling 630-621-5824 or send us a message.