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Posted on Jun 11, 2019 in Counseling, Couples Therapy, Divorce, Family, News, Spousal Abuse, Therapy

Benefits of Couples Therapy

You may find it difficult to talk to a complete stranger about your relationship woes, but couples counseling can help improve communication between individuals engaged in a long-term relationship. Usually, couples therapy refers to an intervention or therapy between two romantic partners. Counselors who perform this unique type of therapy can come from a variety of backgrounds and use different approaches to the problem at hand. An experienced couples therapist can help you and your partner navigate couples therapy.

Couples therapy can help in a variety of ways.

  • Both partners come to a clear concept of their relationship. Couples therapy unifies the individual ideas that each partner has pertaining to their relationships. They begin to see their relationship as something that affects both of them equally and try to work constructively for the longevity of this relationship.
  • The couple will come recognize problematic behavior. Once they become aware of the dysfunctional behavior that they are indulging in, they can follow the therapist’s advice to try to rectify it. Suppose one of the partners happens to be abusive, he or she may be referred to individual therapy to help work through whatever may be leading to such behavior, such as anger issues, substance abuse or previous trauma.
  • They get a safe space for arguing out their problems. Couples therapy allows the pair a place to hash out their differences before they come to a place of stagnation from where there is no recovery. Arguing can be exceptionally healthy for a relationship. It is a way to air out grievances and understand the other’s point of view. If you and your partner happen to constantly be at loggerheads, it is possible that there is a deeper underlying issue. Perhaps there are topics of discussion that you were skirting around – these can be addressed now thanks to couples therapy.
  • You both learn how to communicate better. Everybody’s communication style is different. Couples therapy wakes partners up to this reality, helping them come to empathize with the other’s perspective on the world. Partners who had stopped communicating with each other for fear of being misunderstood finally get a platform to talk about the things that bother them and that they’d like changed in their relationship.

Couples therapy can be extremely beneficial for struggling couples. It can strengthen their lines of communication, make them more sensitive to each other and in general prepare them for any issues that may crop up for their relationship in the future.