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Posted on Mar 6, 2019 in Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse, Therapists

Overcoming Substance Abuse

  Substance abuse is a chronic disease that leads to addiction. Addiction changes our brain chemistry, so it is less able to control drug cravings. Many factors play a role in shaping substance abuse patterns such as genetics, family history, psychological and environmental determinants. Although difficult, many people successfully overcome substance abuse with the help of commitment to the self, treatment and social support. Seek Help The first step towards overcoming substance abuse is to seek out help. Consult with a doctor to come up with a treatment plan that suits your condition, physical and mental health history. Detoxification, behavioral counseling, medication, evaluation and follow-up treatments may be used. A treatment plan is intended to help you prevent the use of drugs, stay drug-free and lead the life you want on your terms. If you don’t have health insurance, opt for a community healthcare clinic instead of a private clinic. Search for a cash-based medical provider or hunt out a doctor you can afford on the internet. Consider registering...

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Posted on Jul 2, 2015 in Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Counseling, Depression, Drug Abuse, News, Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Myths: Differentiating the Right From the Wrong

People may start using drugs for a number of reasons. It can be peer pressure, loneliness, depression, physical problems like chronic pain, insomnia, a family history of substance abuse and even recreation. Before they know it, they are caught in the addiction like a fly gets caught in a spider’s web and they are unable to extricate themselves from it, without outside help. However, before you approach anyone for help, you should know the facts from the myths. It will help you make better decisions about how to hope to cope with the addiction and also help you look for symptoms of substance abuse in anyone you know. Many addicts themselves have wrong notions about their addictions. Here is a small list of common myths around substance abuse. Overcoming substance abuse is just a matter of willpower Sadly, willpower is not enough to treat substance abuse. Repeatedly resisting a temptation, in this case drugs or alcohol, can take a mental toll. Just like a muscle gets affected after overuse,...

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Posted on Jun 11, 2015 in Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, News, Substance Abuse

Recognizing Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)  as the harmful and hazardous use of substances that are classified psychoactive. It eventually leads to a condition known as dependance syndrome which is characterized by a strong urge to repeatedly take a drug, a lot of difficulties in controlling its usage and continuing to take it, despite full knowledge of the negative after effects, along with a shift in priorities where the drugs take precedence over most other things and activities. What is a Substance? Any psychoactive drug and alcohol can be a substance. Drugs include cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines and prescription medications, as well as some forms of non-prescribed medication. According to WHO reports, a little over 5% of the global population has used or is under some form of substance abuse right now. Around the world, every person aged 15 years or older is estimated to drink a little over 6 liters of alcohol per year. Substance abuse is a very real and present problem in every...

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