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Erin Richardson, LCSW


Erin Richardson, LCSW

Erin Richardson, LCSW

Erin Richardson is a proud Chicago native, one who celebrates its diverse population and navigates an increasingly complex society in an ever-changing world. Erin believes we all need someone outside of family/ friends who can offer support and guidance without bias, filter, or judgement. Most people seek an opportunity to share their unique story. She understands that things do not always need to be “fixed” and sometimes we just need someone to listen. Erin helps her clients develop coping skills and plan through the process of therapeutic counseling. Erin assists her clients in opening pathways to self-discovery and awareness utilizing strengths as opposed to fixating on perceived deficits.

Erin recognizes the top concerns of older adults. She helps them learn how to cope with the changes and transitions that come with the aging process including, but not limited to: the loss of a loved one/lifetime partner, decreased independence, physical changes, feelings of isolation and loneliness, complicated family dynamics, questions regarding their identity and who they are as a person along with what legacy they will leave behind. No one person ages like the other. Each person has a unique way of coping and Erin takes the time to work with each client to establish strategies to cope with the realities of the aging process. She educates family members and helps them understand their loved one’s unique perspective while also offering suggestions on how to support them through this natural, but often challenging life change process.

Erin has an extensive background in geriatric social work, as well as in community-based clinical case management – this includes: palliative/hospice care, acute rehab/medical settings, long-term care, and outreach in the home. She utilizes this background, along with her personal experiences with loss and caregiving, to connect with each of her clients. She devotes herself tirelessly to improving her client’s quality of life, helping them reach their goals through empowerment, validation, and reflection.


Ms. Richardson earned her Master of Arts in Social Work degree (specializing in Medical Social Work, Mental Health, and Gerontological Social Work) from Loyola University in 2011; interning at Loyola Medical Center (Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience). She was also awarded the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work degree at Loyola University, interning at the Counseling Center of Lakeview. Erin recently completed a Certificate Program in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Intervention at Boston University in 2016. She is licensed by the state of Illinois as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Professional Affiliations

National Association of Social Workers
Chicago End-of-Life Care Coalition
LGBT Aging Issues Network
Lifetime Education & Renewal Network
Healthcare & Aging Network
American Society on Aging
Mental Health & Aging Network
The Chicago Bridge
Forum on Religion, Spirituality & Aging


Erin Richardson accepts the following insurance: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Magellan and Medicare.

Contact Erin Richardson, LCSW

Phone: 630-621-5824