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Posted on Nov 3, 2014 in Anger, News, Parenting, Teens

Rebellious Teens Vs Angry Parents


Teenage years can be stressful for both teens and their parents. Teens have to deal with raging hormones, peer pressure, school work, activities, changing friendships and a whole lot of other issues that can make them feel disconnected from those around them. They are usually confused and moody, which can make them act out or defy authority. The behavior, if prolonged, can stretch parents to their limits and make them lose their temper, which they might regret later.

So, how can parents deal with this frustration and protect their kids from dangers of anger?

Teens and rebellion

Wait before you react

If your teen indulges in a behavior that is unacceptable to you; refrain from acting on your anger immediately. You will thank yourself later for using this anger management trick.

Irresponsible or rebellious

Your teen’s behavior can be an act of rebellion or it might just be them being irresponsible. If your teenager doesn’t return your call, it is possible that he/she might have forgotten about it. Observe the reaction of your children when you ask them the reason, which will tell you instantly if the behavior was intentional or just a miss. It is a good idea to let it slide the first time even if their behavior might be rebellious. Overcoming anger and trying to focus on finding a solution is important here and because you are the adult, you will be expected to take control of the situation and make peace

Nature of rebellion

Acting out, neglecting homework, rude behavior, defiance and so on are normal parts of teen years. If the teen is rebelling in any of these ways, then it calls for a different type of intervention on your part. However, if the rebellious behavior involves drug use, breaking the law, reckless driving and so on then parental intervention needs to be different.

The underlying cause

Part of understanding anger management is to act responsibly towards the kids and control instant reactions that might do more harm to your teen. Teens often resort to rebellious behavior to seek attention of their parents. Before you get angry at your teenager’s smoking, control your anger and ask yourself if you are giving enough time to your kid? Could your rebel be feeling neglected and might be resorting to extreme behavior to get your attention?


Instead of screaming at your teen, even if your reasons are valid, try to understand his/her behavior. Teach your child about consequences. Set boundaries. Before you lash out in anger, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are the parent – the responsible one.