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Posted on Apr 16, 2015 in ADHD, Children, Hyperactivity, News

Diagnosing and Treating ADHD in Children

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is the most prevalent brain disorder among children that can adversely affect their social interactions, academic achievements and general well being. Most parents tend to disregard ADHD symptoms in children and consider it to be hyperactivity which will reduce as they grow older. It is only when children start going to school and start misbehaving that parents start getting complaints and start thinking differently. Many parents with such children have moved through blind alleys between psychiatrists, mood therapists and psychologists and spent thousands of dollars to identify the problem with little success.


Symptoms and diagnosis

As there are no tests or scans to identify ADHD in children it is generally difficult for doctors without experience to diagnose this disorder. Children with ADHD tend to behave in an erratic manner and have trouble focusing on things being told to them or paying attention to things around them. This lack of focus is a neuro-behavioral problem which tends to run in families and leads to impulsive and hyperactive behavior.

Most pediatricians suggest that children below 12 years of age who show abnormal behavioral tendencies like destructive temper tantrums, hyperactivity, lack of focus and have poor performance in academics should be taken for evaluation of ADHD. Instead of punishing such behavior, which will not yield any results, it is best to take the help of professionasl trained in assessing for ADHD to get the child tested and begin therapy for ADHD or other behavioral and learning problems. Evaluation and diagnosis is based on tests administered by trained therapists combined with reports from parents, teachers and guardians involved in the child’s care which are measured against certain parameters. As it is a chronic condition, the treatment should be started immediately on diagnosis, often with a combination of medicines and therapy.

Medical and therapeutic treatment

Children affected with ADHD may be given medicines to calm down their neurotic behavior and hyperactivity. To improve their social and interactive skills doctors advise nutritious meals with regular play and exercise among peers. Though stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall are given to children with ADHD they are only a temporary solution to help them concentrate or reduce hyperactivity. Depending on their genetic makeup children respond differently to medication and therapy and need to be constantly monitored to help improve their capabilities. Therapists also state that quality sleep and quality food with high quantity of protein and complex carbohydrates may help increase alertness and reduce hyperactivity.

Need more help?

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