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Posted on Feb 9, 2015 in News

How to Manage and Channel Your Anger

Anger is a powerful form of expression; as such, it needs to be handled with care. Much of that expression, no matter how honest or candid, is capable of hurting those around you. When your anger makes you lose control, what follows can only be unfortunate and unsavory. Since an outburst of anger has obvious destructive potential, one of the measures often adopted to deal with it is through creativity, the assumption being that energy that can destroy something existing can be routed to build something new. Artists, caught in a bind between their isolation and the creative process, are often prone to violent outbursts of anger. One of the most celebrated examples is, of course, the 19th century Dutch Post Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh, who swung all his life from irritability to depression to violent anger (in 1888, he chopped off one of his ears while in the throes of such a mood) till his death at age 37. In the end though, through so much darkness,...

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