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Posted on Nov 9, 2014 in Parenting, Toddlers

How Can I Encourage a Toddler to Stay in Bed Until Morning?

The bedtime routine with toddlers is a common struggle for many parents. This situation can be extremely exhausting for parents, and for children too. Especially those of us who have to get up early and go to work all day the next day. In the end, we often feel like just giving in to whatever our toddler’s demand are, because it is often easier than fighting the nightly battle with them. But, then we know that just perpetuates the cycle, and we are then back to square one – often more tired, frazzled, and sometimes hopeless. There is hope – I promise, but it does take some work on the front-end. However, what I know to be the case is that if you put in some extra work on the front-end, it will pay dividends in the long-run, and everybody should sleep better! That means you have to be firm and consistent. First, we have to look at potential underlying causes, as there are many reasons that a toddler...

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