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Posted on Dec 15, 2014 in Family, Holidays, News, Stress

Are You Emotionally Prepared for the Holidays?

The house is clean; the kids are bathed and dressed; the groceries bought and ready to be used and all the prep for the cooking is done. But you are a bundle of nerves and can’t wait for the holiday season to be over with. This is not an isolated case but a reality for many. Days before the holidays and right up to the special day many are a nervous wreck. Instead of enjoying with family and friends a time that is about love and merriment, you are filled with dread and stress; instead of smiles your face is marred with frowns. Truth is you might be ready for the holidays in every other way but you might not be as ready for the holiday season emotionally. This holiday season make certain changes so that you are emotionally-charged in a positive way and not a stress container about to be burst any moment.   Your emotional checklist To make something right, you need to first identify what makes...

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