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Posted on Dec 19, 2016 in Anxiety, Depression, Holidays, Social Anxiety, Stress

3 Ways to Relieve Holiday Anxiety

Why are the holidays, especially the Christmas season, loaded with stress? Doesn’t it seem that the hustle and bustle of the shopping season, scrambling to find that perfect gift, cause more people to be anxious? Can you find natural remedies for anxiety that really work during this time? This article will outline three problems of the holidays and natural ways that you can handle the symptoms of stress and reduce anxiety so that your holiday season will be peaceful and enjoyable. That being said, if you have a serious medical condition that requires prescribed medicine, make sure to follow your doctor’s orders. Three Reasons Anxiety Surfaces During the Holiday Season 1. High Expectations of “The Perfect Gift” Let’s face it. When Christmas becomes commercial, it is easy to base your self-worth on the opinions of what others think. You can do that in two ways – the gifts that you expect from others and the gifts that others expect from you. Both of those expectations cause stress and anxiety...

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Posted on Dec 6, 2016 in Holidays, Stress

‘Tis the Season To Be Jolly?

With Thanksgiving Day a distant memory, the Christmas season is fully upon us. How can we cope during “the most wonderful time of the year”? The key may be to take the time to do some planning! Read on for a few suggestions! Make a list, check it twice! A bit of time spent planning will bring organization to the holiday season. Make a list of events and tasks to do – either on paper or electronically. Set reminders for yourself on your electronic calendar. Easy does it on the wallet The pressure to find the “perfect gift” for everyone on your list does not have to make you lose sleep. Take the time to plan a budget for shopping; take the list with when shopping – and keep it next to your computer for online shopping. Suggest that family and friends do a grab bag. Consider giving the gift of time, rather than an item you may not be able to afford. Ditch the stress Choose carefully which...

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Posted on Jun 16, 2015 in Counseling, Divorce, Family, News, Relationships, Therapy

Getting Over the Pain of a Divorce or Breakup

A divorce or breakup is a defining moment in a person’s life. For many, it is a nasty affair that is full of pain and suffering. The loss of a mate can be devastating. The first year, you may be full of rage, intense sorrow or anger and nothing seems to help. Please know that your life does not end because you are getting a divorce or you are going through a breakup. Here are some tips to help you cope with the grief. There is no ‘process’ for grieving The grief coming from a divorce or a breakup is not linear. To put it simply, there is no clear three or four step phase that you must pass through (like shock, denial, rage and acceptance) to get over the pain. A divorce or a breakup is chaotic and the stages can change from one moment to another. Some people expect that they will go through these phases and when it doesn’t happen, they start thinking that something must...

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Posted on Apr 16, 2015 in ADHD, Children, Hyperactivity, News

Diagnosing and Treating ADHD in Children

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is the most prevalent brain disorder among children that can adversely affect their social interactions, academic achievements and general well being. Most parents tend to disregard ADHD symptoms in children and consider it to be hyperactivity which will reduce as they grow older. It is only when children start going to school and start misbehaving that parents start getting complaints and start thinking differently. Many parents with such children have moved through blind alleys between psychiatrists, mood therapists and psychologists and spent thousands of dollars to identify the problem with little success. Symptoms and diagnosis As there are no tests or scans to identify ADHD in children it is generally difficult for doctors without experience to diagnose this disorder. Children with ADHD tend to behave in an erratic manner and have trouble focusing on things being told to them or paying attention to things around them. This lack of focus is a neuro-behavioral problem which tends to run in families and leads to...

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Posted on Apr 10, 2015 in Elderly, News, Seniors, Therapy

Benefits of Therapy for the Elderly

The elderly face later-life problems and the many changes brought about by this stage of life. Retirement, loss of a partner and health problems are some of the changes that are common in old age. These are changes that can result in complete turnaround of life as they know it. This can lead to sadness, depression and other physical illnesses. One way to ease the transition into the senior years is through therapy. Making sense of therapy for senior citizens Therapy is not necessarily only for the young. Now with better quality of life and advancement in medical care, more and more people are living well into the golden years. Why not live these years happily rather than suffering for lack of coping skills? Counseling sessions with an experienced therapist can greatly help those seniors who are struggling to cope with the pressures of a changing lifestyle or those who are battling depression. This is the first step in maximizing the therapy benefits. When you can accept that therapy...

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