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Posted on Jan 2, 2018 in Anxiety, Counseling, Depression, Health and Fitness, Holidays, News, Self Esteem

Tips to Avoid Post-Holiday Blues

Many gatherings with family and friends filled your time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. The holidays – and all of the fun (and stress)  they brought – are now past. Schedules were busy.  It’s now January 2nd. Back to real life! The return to regular life after all of the festivities can sometimes throw you off balance. Here are a few tips to make a smooth transition into the New Year. Find your regular routine The holidays are a time for extra treats – sweets, rich meals, an extra glass of wine or other favorite beverage. Staying up late, sleeping in and other activities that are not part of your usual routine can make it difficult to return to work. The sooner you can get back on track, the better you will feel. Cultivate some new interests Did you learn something new over the holidays? Take some time to explore more about it by reading a book about the subject or perhaps take a class at your local...

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Posted on Jan 14, 2015 in Anxiety, Depression, Family, Holidays, News, Stress

Tips to Tackle Post-Holiday Blues

It is now the middle of January and the post-holiday reality is setting in. The shopping is over. The gifts are unwrapped. The family meals and reunions are over. The decorations are down or need to be taken down. The much-anticipated holiday season came and went away and now the gloom of a long winter is in the air. The busyness of the last two months is gone. What just happened? Nothing, really. You might just have the post-holiday blues. But not to worry as this is something quite common after the holiday season is over. Many people are affected by the seeming quiet after such a busy couple of months. This post-holiday sadness or gloominess can be tackled with the help of simple tips. Expect it Since the holidays are an annual tradition so are the stress and sadness that come with the season. When you know the drill, be ready for it. The day after the festivities the guests are gone; maybe your kids have gone back...

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