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Posted on Aug 18, 2015 in News

Relevance of Psychological Testing

A psychological test is a way of measuring different facets of an individual’s psyche by using standardized tests to gauge various aspects of their psychological makeup. Not limited to any one type of test, psychological tests can try to measure everything from your personality, your behavior patterns, facets of IQ and even neuro-psychological tests. Only trained professionals are allowed to administer psychological tests, and these include clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists and school psychologists. A psychological test begins with an interview followed by various tests that could last from anywhere between one hour to half a day depending on the kind of tests you have been referred. Forms of Testing The four primary forms of psychological testing include an interview with a trained psychologist, IQ tests or assessments of intellectual functioning, personality assessments and finally, behavior assessments. In addition to these, there exist many different kinds of psychological evaluations such as those performed in work and school environments. The importance of psychological testing is that it allows you to assess...

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