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Posted on Dec 4, 2014 in News, Press, Staff Members, Therapists

Agor Behavioral Health Services Welcomes Dr. Sarah Syed, PsyD

Agor Behavioral Health Services, Inc. is pleased to welcome Dr. Sarah Syed, PsyD, to the practice. She provides therapy services for individuals, couples and families. On Therapy Dr. Sarah Syed believes in therapy as a time in which to examine the biological, intellectual, social, occupational, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the whole person. She believes that all of these interact for the well-being or detriment of the person. “In therapy with me, you will be part of the process and along with my guidance and expertise we will work to help you alleviate your negative symptoms and feel better,” said Dr. Syed. “I work hard to make sure therapy is a safe, judgement free place for you to discuss your concerns and feel relief.” Dr. Syed also explained that in therapy, clients will examine the choices they have made in their life, and how they may contribute to any problems they are experiencing. She said, “It is important to examine how a person interacts within his or her family...

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