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Posted on Dec 8, 2014 in Anger, Family, Holidays, Stress

Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress Triggers

Holiday season is in full swing. Some major celebrations are just round the corner. Are you happy with excitement or weighing down with undue holiday stress? If it is the latter, there is help at hand.

Make use of these handy tips to avoid holiday stress triggers and have some fun this year.

holiday stress triggers

Prepare early

If you leave your shopping for the last minute then you set yourself for stress that you can easily keep away. Get your gifts and grocery shopping in order so that you have time to organize them and keep some time free to enjoy the holidays.

You can easily buy dry grocery items and non-perishable stuff days before the holidays. Leaving everything for last-minute is inviting holiday stress. Schedule time for different kinds of shopping and tackle them separately. Gifts, foods, clothes and personal shopping if done separately can be managed rather well.

Budget well

If the idea of expenses is the thing that is causing you holiday stress then take some time to plan your finances well in advance. You don’t need to go over budget just because your sister/relative can. If someone cringes at your gift then it’s not your problem. Your problem is maintaining your finances well.

Go for personalized gifts and choose from thousands of DIY gift ideas for your family and friends. If they care for you, they will appreciate the thought behind the gift and not pay attention to the cost. Keep to your budget and you will thank yourself later.

Say no

You also don’t need to be the hostess of all family dinners every year. Say no to demands that give you holiday stress and make your mind to enjoy the celebrations for once. Say no also to stressful demands by your kids or partner. Let them know gently your limits and adhere to them strictly. This goes for you as well. Learn to say no to the ever-perfectionist in you and you will fare better during the holidays.

Let go

Holidays are perfect time for family bonding. If your holiday stress is because of a painful childhood memory or a traumatic event in your life, then make a choice to let it go from your life once and for all. This is in no way to undermine your pain. But holding onto your pain helps no one – nor your and neither your family. Also let go of any anger or grudges towards any family member and choose stress-free holidays this season and for the rest of your life.

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